Escape From Tarkov Arena New Locations and More Features Revealed

Battlestate Games’ newest contribution to the Escape From Tarkov world, Escape From Tarkov Arena, has been finally released. The impending Tarkov Arena Beta test is a major part of the release. Players should pay attention to updates and report mistakes, optimization, instability to the help desk, and, of course, bugs.

Get all the details below!

Unveiling Tarkov’s Locations and Game Modes

Only four of the game’s seven maps are playable at the moment, including:

The Air Pit is an airport terminal that has been turned into a fighting ring by local gangs.

Bay5 is a repurposed secure cargo storage from TerraGroup Labs near the harbor. A recognizable landmark that has been renovated.

A temporary arena for gladiator battles, Equator was fashioned from the Equator-2 retail center.


The Sawmill – Outside of Tarkov is an abandoned sawmill owned by a private individual. Supposedly, it is a secret, autonomously controlled backup command center for TerraGroup Labs.

The Bawl

The Box

Tarkov has the following play styles:


Multiple-player “Last Hero” style deathmatch: Each player’s objective is to rack up as many kills as possible within the time limit.

Five-person player vs. environment missions: The objective is to clear the area of waves of adversaries, accomplish the mission, and then retreat to safety.

Shootout is a tournament format where players can choose to compete as a soloist, a duet, or a trio. The tournament champion is decided by a matchup between the two teams with the most victory points.

Teamfight – In this 7-round team battle, two groups of five players will go head to head. It is also possible to win a round by capturing objective points after the timer has run out.

Ranking Based on Skill

You may now play rated games against other players of equivalent skill in Escape From Tarkov. Participate in rated games to improve your standing and face off against opponents of comparable quality.

Integration and Personalization of Characters

Assault, Sniper, Scout, and Close Quarters (CQG) equipment presets are available for players to select in Escape From Tarkov.

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