NHL Games on Every Season: Regular, Playoffs, Exhibition, and More

Curious about the total number of games that make up an NHL season, including those played during the regular season, playoffs, and exhibitions? It is usually useful for one to understand how many games a team participates in a season before looking at the rankings since each season consists of a certain number of games. The National Hockey League (NHL) represents a professional ice hockey league that operates in North America. It consists of a total of 32 clubs, 25 based in the United States and 7 based in Canada. If you are new to the NHL, this is a perfect time to quiz yourself!

Let’s take a look at each team’s potential schedule during an NHL season.

NHL Exhibition Season

The teams participate in seven or eight exhibition games as part of their training camp to assist them as they prepare for the respective season. The majority of the exhibition matches will be held against the three to four teams that are located within the same general region as each other.

NHL Regular Season

There are actually 32 teams in the NHL, and each of those teams plays 82 games throughout the regular season. This results in an overall of 1312 games being played during the NHL’s regular season. The beginning to middle of October marks the beginning of the regular season, which lasts until the start of April.

A normal season in the NHL consists of 82 games, with each team playing a total of 41 games at home and 41 games on the road. The schedule for the regular season of the NHL may be broken down as follows:

  1. 3 to 4 games played against other clubs in the same division (for a total of 26 games).
  2. A total of 24 games/ season, including three against teams from the opposite division in your Conference.
  3. 2 games played against teams competing in the other Conference (for a total of 32 games).

NHL Playoffs

There are 16 teams competing for the Stanley Cup, and each of the four rounds consists of a best-of-seven series. For this reason, a club must win 16 matches in order to be eligible for the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup playoffs will include a total of 28 games, with a maximum of that number being played by each club, regardless of whether they won or lost the finals.

Do you know the maximum amount of games that a team or individual is able to compete in?

A season can have a maximum of 108 games played in it at any given time. But here’s the thing: if the year featured the Olympics or the World Cup of Hockey, a top player may play an additional 10 games of hockey during that time.

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