Ted Lasso Insights: Who is Jade?

We land on Ted Lasso’s second season, episode six, and find Nate and Jade. Nate approaches Jade, a hostess at A Taste of Athens, in order to reserve a table for his parents’ 35th wedding anniversary. This was the first time the two of them had met. The way Nate approaches Jade is quite cute, even if he doesn’t get the desired result.

Nate gets rejected by Jade quite instantly, and she asks him whether Roy is his father and tells him to return when Roy wants a table at the restaurant. If we think about it, we can see that Jade is now the cause of part of Nate’s insecurities. Nate has spent his whole life being ignored and disregarded by others.

New perspective, new Nate

Now, we reach the third season of Ted Lasso, and Nate makes an effort again to get back in touch with Jade. He has completely changed his demeanor and is now the head coach at West Ham. But the fate is not in his stars. He still gets anxious whenever he thinks of Jade, and he can’t even bring himself to go into the restaurant. The success that Nate has managed to achieve continues to fail to impress Jade.

And here’s where things start to get interesting.

Nate takes the famous and beautiful model Anastasia out on a date the next time he goes to A Taste of Athens. Jade engages in some playful teasing right away when she sees them. For instance, she asks the model for her order like Nate doesn’t even exist.

Anastasia is beginning to tire of being forced to spend time and listening to Nate recount the reasons why he actually came to this restaurant. She just leaves Nate alone.

Later on, Jade joins Nate. He starts getting a bit comfortable and relaxed. Jade finally sees him as exactly who he is.

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