Fortnite Birthday 2023 – How to Get Birthday Presents?

This week, Fortnite celebrates its sixth birthday. That means players can join the huge celebration and have some fun! The best part, though, is that players are given the opportunity to take part in some fun birthday missions, one of which requires them to acquire birthday presents. Along with the actual event, the developers are bringing in a variety of fresh and returning limited products for players to use, like funny balloons, birthday cakes, and a variety of other items.

Find out below how you can get your Fortnite Birthday Presents in no time!

Birthday Presents in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4: How to Get Some?

You can find Birthday Presents as Legendary floor loot or in chests located around the Battle Royale map. Once found, you can collect and put the presents in your inventory after picking them up from the chests or off the floor. Have a look at the map below to find out the exact locations:

Epic Games/ Guille_GAG

The mission “Collect Birthday Presents!” requires players to search the island and get three presents for a birthday celebration. It might seem like a fun and cute little task, but let’s not rush into anything. The quest can prove to be a bit challenging, so try your best to get those sweet Fortnite Birthday Presents!

TIP: You may get either an Epic or Legendary piece of treasure by throwing Fortnite Birthday Presents on the ground and then breaking them open with a Pickaxe. The loot you get will depend on the rarity of the present.

Fortnite Birthday 2023: Full Rewards

  1. Complete 1 Fortnite Birthday Quest and get the Pickaxe
  2. Complete 3 Fortnite Birthday Quests and unlock the Spray
  3. Complete 5 Fortnite Birthday Quests and grab a Back Bling

Have you joined the Fortnite 6th Anniversary party yet?! Don’t forget to share your cool Fortnite experience with us in the comments section below!

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