Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Cheats You Have To Try Right Now!

Pac-Man is an immortal classic that will continue to dominate for years to come. And Pac-Man 30th Anniversary demonstrates that beyond a reasonable doubt. There are currently over a hundred unique variations of Pac-Man, including special clothing to, of course, video games. So, in order to appropriately commemorate the game that is widely regarded as the most famous arcade game of the past century, Pac-Man 30 Anniversary was created.

Find below a list of unique Pac-Man 30th Anniversary cheats that you may use and get a new in-game experience in no time!

Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Cheats

The Pac-Man game cheats enable players to bypass levels quickly and easily, with just slight modifications. If you use them, it’s possible that your overall gaming experience will become much better. However, before you try some of the best cheats, there’s something you should know. You will be able to use these cheat codes if you have an executor on your computer, such as Synapse or Krnl.

Let’s see what are the best Pac-Man 30th Anniversary cheats that made it to our list below:


Consume two ghosts on board 1 before moving on to board 2 and consuming three. Then, when floating with four ghosts, consume another four ghosts. When you have finished eating all of the specters, you will have to keep pressing up, down, and up until you die. That’ll make you immortal in no time!

Speed Booster

When playing Galaga, enter this code to increase Pac-Man’s pace: RDown, Down, Down, Up, Up, Fire. You’ll notice right away how the cheat sped up Pac-Man!


While you are within the encircling tunnel, quickly hit the up and down arrow buttons on your keyboard. Pac-Man will resurface and obtain the ability to scale walls. Well, that’s something definitely crazy!

Glitches everywhere

Travel quickly via the exit tube, climbing and descending its floors as you go. Pac-Man will be erased from existence if you use the “take down” command used as your final action. Your Pac-Man is only able to go up and down, not left and right.

The Pac-Man 30th Anniversary cheats edition is something you have to try at least once!

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