Apex Legends 2.33 Update Adds the Harbingers Collection Event – Check Out the Patch Notes

Apex Legends continues to be a very popular RPG game, and one of the biggest reasons is that it’s free to play. Anybody can play EA’s game as long as they have a compatible platform at home, such as PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or a PC that’s powerful enough.

Apex Legends has now been updated to version 2.33, and thanks to GameIsHard.gg, we can learn about what the new update brings. At first glance, we must say that we are impressed, although some of the fans might have been expecting even more. But hey, that’s just how things go when it comes to pretty much any game update out there, right? You can’t satisfy everyone!

What is the new Harbingers Collection event that the new 2.33 update brings?

The upcoming Harbingers Collection Event started on Sept. 19, and will last until Oct. 3. It focuses on the addition of the Razor’s Edge, meaning Fuse’s heirloom. The event also offers 24 exclusive limited-time cosmetics. By purchasing them, you will be able to unlock the heirloom of Fuse at no cost.

The Living Shess Trios represent another new addition, which refers to a new limited-time mode (LTM) that you can use during the whole Harbingers Collection Event. During this mode, it becomes possible to use the powers of the Rev Shelk grenade to take out your opponents.

We can also keep in mind that the new update brings a few changes when it comes to the weapons and legends available in the game. For instance, the RE-45 and the 30-30 Repeater with Hammerpoint rounds are the new placeholders of the Mozambique and Nemesis when it comes to the crafting rotation.

Fuses has also been through some important changes due to the new 2.33 update, as he suffered an increase in the tactical deployment speed of the Knuckle Clusters.

The Forged Shadows ability of Revenant was tweaked to reduce the time extension from knocks, while extra damage to the shroud will bleed through to Revenant in case of breaking.

We can also keep in mind that the Gravity Lift of Horizon has been through adjustments to gain better accuracy, hover time, and lift speed. The Amped Cover placement time of Rampart has also been reduced. The character can now remain in placement mode after the deployment of the wall.

The 2.33 update also brings bug fixes

Bug fixes will definitely occur for just about any video game out there, regardless of how impressive it is. It’s just an unwritten law of the gaming world! It’s also the case for Apex Legends, but the good news is that many of those bugs can be fixed, especially if the users report them. The new 2.33 update also fixes some bugs that Apex Legends players have been dealing with, and hopefully, there won’t be other major bugs to deal with. However, no disrespect intended for Respawn, but you can’t possibly expect a free-to-play game to be perfect.

The ranked play system of the game receives some fixes, increasing the elimination bonus and reducing the point disparity for teammates of different skill levels. Audio problems and map-related issues have also been fixed. Therefore, players of Apex Legends can surely have a lot more fun playing the game and competing with others while doing it.

Apex Legends was launched in early 2019, and it’s classified as a battle royale-hero shooter game. It was developed by Respawn Entertainment, while Electronic Arts is the publisher.

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