Titanfall 3 Release Date – New Teasers Hint at Possible Launch

Even if Respawn Entertainment is mainly concentrating on their new battle royale game, Apex Legends, there have been some minor tweaks made to Titanfall 2, which have led to rumors that the company is working on a brand new project. Well, that could totally rock! It is interesting to note that one of the noticeable changes that took place after the updates was the emergence of plush versions of Nessie, the mascot for Apex Legends, in various locations across Titanfall 2. Interesting! This odd addition has some significance that cannot be overlooked, and we’re going to discuss more about it below.

Here’s what you need to know.

Years have passed (7 years!) since the release of Titanfall 2, but fans are hoping to see more soon. As a matter of fact, recent months have seen considerable growth in sales of the game, which is evidence of the game’s ever-lasting appeal. Neat! So what are the chances to finally see Titanfal 3 launching?!

Recently, some players reported sudden disconnections from the Titanfall 2 servers. However, Respawn has quickly responded to these concerns and has even rectified a variety of bugs and other problems that were present in the game. Or it is more than meets the eye, right?!

Apex Legends and Titanfall both take place in the same universe and utilize some of the same settings, lending faith to the idea that Respawn might be working on a new game. That could be like a dream come true for Titanfall fans!

What are your expectations from a new Titanfall release? What would you like to see added?

Finally, the patch notes for the most current season of Apex Legends had a teaser that made a reference to Nessie and displayed the following numerical sequence: “1394521200, 1477638000, 1549267200.” What does it mean?! These figures have been determined to be UNIX timestamps, each of which represents the individual release dates of Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends. Because of this, some are wondering whether or not Respawn is dropping hints about a new game or other project. Titanfall 3 might be announced very soon, so keep your fingers crossed!

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