Getting to Know Hedy Ford From The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Hedy Ford, who is portrayed by Nina Arianda, is Susie’s longtime friend and also happens to be married to Gordon Ford. Despite the fact that the two of them appear to have a tumultuous history together, their friendship is intriguing to watch. Susie does ultimately run into Hedy after a concert, and when she does, she makes an attempt to stay away from her (oops!). Who exactly is this Hedy, and what makes her such a pivotal character in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?

Discover the full story below.

Cute But Awkward Relationship

Susie finds a picture of Gordon’s wife when she is looking around the office, and she immediately knows the person who is portrayed in the photograph. Susie is desperately trying to escape the building when Hedy catches up to her, and the two of them have a swift talk. It would appear that Susie and Hedy were familiar with one another throughout their time at the same university, and it is strongly suggested that they dated at some point.

Isn’t it a shame that we didn’t get the opportunity to go a little further into Susie and Hedy’s memories? Because Susie came out as someone who could be strong but was also sensitive, it would have been fascinating to learn more about the events that happened in her life.

Hedy seems to still care for Susie.

Susie, despite the potential awkwardness it may cause for her, made a significant effort to communicate with Hedy during the times when Midge required it the most. Hedy realizes that Susie is putting a lot of work into doing this, and she asks Susie whether she is in love with Midge, but Susie is somehow speechless. Hedy is left without an answer. However, she does what Susie asks her for and uses the fact that she and Gordon have a relationship as a negotiating point to convince him to have Midge appear on the show.

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