How to Check the Float Value in CS: GO

Even though Counter-Strike 2 is just fresh out of the oven as a free update for those who have Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (aka CS: GO) installed, it is still possible to run the 2012 blockbuster game. Furthermore, let’s not forget that the new game is a bit more demanding with the PC hardware compared to its predecessor.

Counter-Strike fans will continue to play long hours of CS: GO even long after the release of CS 2, which is why we still need to keep an eye on the news regarding the older game. Therefore, it can turn out to be pretty important to check the float value in the game, and there’s more than one single way to do it.

What is the float value in CS: GO

Regardless of how much all you die-hard CS: GO fans want to believe the opposite, nobody was born playing the game. Therefore, not everybody knows what’s a float value in the famous shooter game, so let’s go ahead with a little definition!

Float value in CS: GO refers to a numeric value that’s associated with the wear condition or “float” of a skin on an item or weapon. Such a value can be a decimal number that ranges from 0 to 1, and 0 represents a factory new or pristine condition. As for 1, it represents a well-worn or even a heavily used condition.

Now that things are clearer, it’s time to learn how we can check the float value in CS: GO!

Use in-game inspection

Inspecting the skin in-game is probably the simplest and most straightforward method. To do so, you need to open the game itself and head over to your inventory. From that point, you must right-click on the item with the skin you wish to inspect and hit the ‘Inspect’ option. A 3D view will thus appear for you. You will have to hover the mouse over the name of the skin to see the float value. The float value will appear as a number between 0 and 1.

Use console command

If you consider yourself an advanced user, you can check the float value in CS: GO for a specific skin through a console command. To do so, you need to open the developer console in the game itself and use the following command to refresh the condition of the skin: ‘cl_fullupdate.’ The next step is to use ‘item_show_item_inspect’ followed by the asset ID of the skin to show the float value.

Use third-party options

It’s also possible to check the float value in CS: GO by accessing third-party websites. Such websites might be all you need to find specific skins and show their float values. For instance, you can try out websites such as CS: GO Zone or CSGOFloat.

Try a trade offer

You also shouldn’t neglect the possibility of a trade offer. If you’re trading with another CS: GO player, you can send him a trade offer containing the skin you wish to check. Once you add the skin to the trade offer, you have to hover the mouse above it, and the float value will emerge. Of course, it’s best to use this method only if the other player is someone you trust, like a friend or a relative.

It’s important to keep in mind that checking the float value of a CS: GO skin can become crucial when you assess the condition and value.

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