Xbox Series X/S Not Connecting to WiFi: How to Fix the Problem

We couldn’t insist more on the importance of online gaming for a hardcore gamer. Playing the story mode of a game cannot possibly be enough for such an individual, as let’s face it: the story mode was made so that anybody can pass it sooner or later. It’s only when you compete against others that you prove your true skills at playing a specific game.

In other words, you can’t claim that you’re good at playing GTA 5 just because you’ve finished the storyline. You need to go online and compete against other top players to prove that you’re really good enough.

Xbox Series X/S are among the best gaming consoles out there, and you obviously need to connect it to a WiFi network in order to play games online with it. Let’s say that even if you have a router at home and you’ve configured everything, the console still doesn’t want to connect. What could you do in such a situation apart from cussing and slamming objects around? Well, the solution can be a lot easier than you think, so try to act calm and apply these tips:

Check the WiFi password

It’s possible that you may not have entered the correct WiFi password into your Xbox Series X/S. Although it may sound ridiculous, the truth is that anybody can mistype that password by accident. Therefore, make sure to double-check that password for any mistakes. Don’t forget: the smallest mistake in writing your password can trigger connectivity issues!

Check if the router is displaying the network name

If a router doesn’t show the network name, it will make it impossible for the console to detect the wireless network. If none of your wireless devices are able to detect your network, it means that the problem is with the router and not with the console.

Check for any interferences

Other electronic devices or even neighboring WiFi networks might cause interference. This means that you should try moving your Xbox console and router to different places in your house, preferably as close to one another as possible, to get rid of any interference.

Manually configure the network settings

It’s time to head over to Settings, then hit General, and ultimately access Network settings. From that area, you need to head over to Set up wireless network or Set up wired network and manually enter the information of your network.

Reset the network settings

Head over to Settings, then select General, and ultimately hit the Network settings option. The next step is to select Advanced settings and then Alternate MAC address. For the last step, select Clear and perform a restart of your Xbox Series X/S console.

Contact the Xbox support

If none of the other methods work, contacting Xbox support and explaining your problem to them is also a good idea. Those guys will be eager to help you out, as it is, after all, in their best interest. In fact, reaching Xbox customer support should be one of the first measures you can take if you can’t connect your console to the internet, especially if the product is still covered by warranty.

Simple acts such as restarting the router or your console could also fix your connectivity issues. Therefore, feel free to try these methods as well, regardless of how redundant they might sound. Believe it or not, a lot of technical issues can be solved in this way.

Since the release of both the Xbox Series X and S back in November 2020, the two consoles have sold more than 21 million units worldwide.


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