Rainbow Six Siege: Update 2.62 Arrives With Better Crossplay Performance

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is an 8-year-old game, and it was launched for various platforms, including PC, modern consoles, and some cloud gaming services. Therefore, in such a game, the crossplay function plays a big role, as players constantly want to compete against one another. That’s why the guys from Ubisoft have released Update 2.62, to enhance the crossplay functionality.

Update 2.62 has already arrived for Rainbow Six Siege about two weeks ago, and those who were expecting to see some major gameplay improvements or new content will be disappointed. The update focuses, as we’ve suggested above, on the crossplay function that all online players like.

In response to a fan who wanted to know if he could finally play the game with a friend who uses a PlayStation 5, while the former uses Xbox One, the official Ubisoft Support page wrote:

Hi there. This maintenance aims to improve the game in a few different aspects, and that could include the issue with the cross-play. Any official confirmations/announcements will be posted via the official game account.


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege qualifies as an online tactical shooter game, and as of 2021, the game had over 70 million registered users. In other words, if you’ve decided to give the game a try, it’s pretty hard to find a server that’s not teeming with players.

For those unaware, the crossplay function in a game allows people to play online against one another regardless of what platform they use to play a specific game. In other words, in the case of Rainbow Six Siege, the crossplay function allows PS5 players to play against PC players, for instance.

What’s your take on Ubisoft’s new update for Rainbow Six Siege? Feel free to write your opinion down in a comment below!

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