Destiny 2 Was Down for the Count for Several Hours

Destiny 2 has rapidly become a popular online FPS game since its launch back in 2019. However, from time to time, players have trouble getting the game to launch, and we know very well that such scenarios can occur due to the dev team.

A month ago, gamers couldn’t start playing Destiny 2 because of a maintenance process. The developers needed some time to make a few tweaks to the game’s files in the midst of the update Even though the wait for the game to start was unbearable for the players, Bungie, the developer and publisher of Destiny 2, brought the horrifying news via Twitter that the downtime had been extended.

The company wrote:


❖ Update

Downtime has been extended. Another update on this issue will be provided in 1 hour.

The maintenance downtime took place on October 24, and during this time, players couldn’t sign in and access the game integration features. Those features weren’t even available in the Bungie Store. Players also couldn’t access game integration features of Destiny 2 on mobile, web, or third-party apps.

While the maintenance started at 6:00 AM PDF, it wasn’t until 10:00 AM PDT that the latest update of the game started to work across all platforms and available regions. In other words, at this latter hour, players were finally able to log back into their Destiny 2 accounts and run the online game once again.

Here’s an official description of Destiny 2, courtesy of its official Steam page:

Dive into the world of Destiny 2 to explore the mysteries of the solar system and experience responsive first-person shooter combat. Unlock powerful elemental abilities and collect unique gear to customize your Guardian’s look and playstyle. Enjoy Destiny 2’s cinematic story, challenging co-op missions, and a variety of PvP modes alone or with friends. Download for free today and write your legend in the stars.

Destiny 2 can be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, and Google Stadia.

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