GTA 6 for PC: What System Requirements Could the Game Have?

GTA 6, whose official trailer finally launched a few days ago, won’t be available as a PC version when it comes out in 2025, but that doesn’t mean that we must lose hope for good. The most anticipated game in history could arrive at a later date for PCs as well, as let’s not forget what happened in the case of its predecessor, the legendary GTA 5.

Back inĀ  2013, when GTA 5 came out, the game was first available for consoles. Two years later, Rockstar adapted it for the PC as well, making numerous fans happy. In other words, as long as the fans want something bad, such as the new GTA running on PCs, it’s obvious that it’s in Rockstar’s best interest to grant their wishes.

The bigger problem than whether Rockstar will release GTA 6 for PC is whether the world will have computers powerful enough to run the game. It’s clear at this point that you’ll indeed need a powerful PC to play such a game if it will indeed ever be adapted for computers, and it’s enough to take a quick look at the trailer to realize that it’s true:

The graphics look amazing, the map looks larger and more diverse than ever, and the gameplay is from another world. In other words, what kind of PC could run such a game?

Possible system requirements

It’s a pretty safe bet to assume that you could need at least 4GB of VRAM for your graphics card to run GTA 6 at the lowest settings for graphics. We’re betting on AMD Radeon RX 480 (4GB) or even Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB) for this area of the requirements. Also, don’t expect to run the game without at least 16GB of RAM on board, as that’s a pretty reliable guess if you ask us.

Another problem is that GTA 6 will indeed also take a toll on your storage space, and our guess is that the installation size will exceed 150GB. We wouldn’t be surprised to even surpass 200GB. The biggest PC game out there by its file size is ARK Survival Evolved, which occupies more than 250GB of storage space once you install it on a PC. But that doesn’t mean that there can’t be a game out there that will demand even more storage space, although the burden might be too big to carry. After all, it’s in a game developer’s best interest to have its game installed and running on as many gaming machines as possible, which means that it’s not really profitable to make a game that occupies all of the hard drives of the player.

Only time will tell for sure what Rockstar has in mind for its highly-awaited GTA 6 game, but at this point, we’re happy to already know some valuable information about the next Grand Theft Auto game. There will be two protagonists, a girl and a guy, who form a couple. The girl’s name is Lucia, and we still don’t know the name of her boyfriend. All we can say for sure is that they’re not exactly the kind of couple who like to hold hands and give flowers to one another, as they’ll often get into a lot of trouble.

Once again, we must emphasize that the possible system requirements of GTA 6 for PC are purely hypothetical, as we’re not even sure whether the game will indeed be adapted for PC or not. At this point, we only know that it’s coming to consoles in 2025, and it’s a pretty safe bet to say that PlayStation 5 consoles will be able to run the highly-anticipated game.

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