New Vice City Leak For GTA 6 Confirms Map Theories

Given how amazing Grand Theft Auto VI will be, another spoiler for the game seems to have sprung from another dimension. This time around, we are provided with some kind of evidence or assurance that the setting of the game will be Vice City. If that turns out to be accurate, well, it looks as though Grand Theft Auto VI will be revealed in its entirety before Rockstar Games chooses to do it. Let’s find out what the latest leak reveals and what we might predict happening next!

GTA VI: Vice City Reloaded

Fans have a lot of speculation about Grand Theft Auto VI’s world map due to rumors that it will be constantly growing and will include multiple new locations in addition to Vice City. For Vice City lovers, this will definitely be great news! Not sure about the rest of us, but we’ll learn to love it, too, I guess. And even though many of the newest leaks and insider information that are appearing online are unsubstantiated rumors or speculation, the most recent gameplay leaks are painting a clear image of what the future game will be like.

The fact that previous games, particularly Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, had various cities that players could visit across bridges to other regions has led many people to believe that Grand Theft Auto VI is going to stick to a similar model. Well, that would definitely be nice, right?!

In the video that was leaked and shared on Twitter by RockstarGTA Vl, the main character can be seen exploring the interior of a vehicle while the city unfolds behind. Watch the video below:

The perspective of the in-game camera was then adjusted to expose a structure in the backdrop that had the name Vice City. This clearly established the presence of Vice City in the game; however, it is unknown at this time whether or not it is the only city to appear in the game. The wait for Grand Theft Auto VI is, to put it mildly, excruciating, but one thing is certain: each passing day brings us that much closer to the game’s release.

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