Honkai Star Rail Latest Tier List: Best Characters Only

Currently, there are a total of 22 playable characters available in version 1.0 of Honkai: Star Rail, and this number is only going to rise over the following several months as Star Rail continues to develop beyond its current stage. Curious about for an up-to-date Honkai: Star Rail character tier list? Well, make sure you won’t miss a thing by reading the full guide below! 

Each of the characters in HSR has the potential to be tremendously helpful if they are put to use in the correct ways at the appropriate times and in the appropriate circumstances, of course. However, despite this, the meta has finally had some time to settle, and there are a few characters who stand out from the rest of the pack. Let’s explore each and every one of them!

Honkai Star Rail Latest Tier List For 1.0


Characters that are considered to be among the most difficult to get in Honkai: Star Rail are generally among the finest. There is a strong tendency for characters that are restricted in availability on Event Banners to have amazing talents and basic statistics, and this is a design choice that was made carefully. You can check out all of them below:



Given that Seele is a devotee of the Path of the Hunt, the most effective use for her is as a boss killer. Her ability, and notably her ultimate ability, does a significant amount of damage in comparison to other Hunt characters. Additionally, if she is successful in beating an adversary with any of her fighting skills, she will be granted an additional turn.


At the time of the game’s launch, Bailu was, without a doubt, the most effective defensive support character. As the premium healer for V1.0, she possesses the best of the best when it comes to providing her friends with gains in health that are both powerful and effective.


When Version 1.0 was released, Bronya became the most powerful offensive support character in the game. The ultimate ability that she possesses enables her to supply DPS team members with extremely helpful ATK and CRIT DMG boosts. Additionally, she may utilize her talent to remove detrimental debuffs that are inflicted by adversaries against her team. Awesome!


The vast majority of HSR’s five-star characters are classified as belonging to the A-Tier. This is because their stats are inherently superior, and their kits are typically more stunning. In spite of the fact that you want to support their five-star equivalents whenever you have the opportunity, these characters will be absolutely necessary in the early stages of the game. From top to bottom, these are the characters:



Her reputation as a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none, prevents Clara from being in the top tier of the game despite the fact that she is the game’s most dominant DPS all-rounder. In spite of the fact that she is not quite capable of competing with the experts in their respective fields, she substantially makes up for it by being helpful in every circumstance. Very clever!


After spending a considerable amount of time with Himeko as a trial character in the prologue, you will most likely come to the conclusion that she is an excellent addition to your squad. Furthermore, she is granted a strong free follow-up area of effect strike if she or a member of her team breaks an enemy’s vulnerability. This means that in a party that is well-balanced, she has the potential to attack numerous times throughout each round.


Due in large part to the fact that she is the only alternate healer in the game if you do not have Bailu, Natasha is considered to be one of the greatest four-star characters in the game at the time of its premiere.


While March 7th is already considered to be one of the finest characters in the game with four stars, Gepard is virtually equal to March 7th with five stars. It is essential to note that Gepard is able to shield his whole squad simultaneously with his ultimate ability, which offers him an advantage over March as a character that focuses on providing assistance.


Tingyun is an extremely strong contender for the title of greatest four-star character among the characters. With her special abilities, she is able to successfully lend her own attack to another character, which will be delivered in addition to their own for the next three turns. Additionally, she is able to provide a great degree of additional buffs through both her skill and her ultimate ability. Her special abilities focus on bolstering her teammates in the fight. Amazing!

March 7th

Your beginning support character is March 7th, who joined your squad in the opening and specializes in protecting her comrades. She is your supporting character. While her basic strike has the ability to freeze adversaries, her ultimate ability does area-of-effect damage to the whole opposing team.


There is a possibility that Yanqing is the least attractive five-star figure on the permanent banner for Honkai: Star Rail. His passive, on the other hand, makes it less likely that he would be assaulted by foes. This provides him with a degree of self-protection that is noticeably absent from the arsenals of the four-star boss killers. Winner-take-all scenario!


As a result of the fact that the B-Tier is where many four-star characters are located, it is typically the primary recruiting pool for free-to-play gamers. In spite of the fact that characters in the B-Tier may not be as flashy and fancy as those in the S-Tier and the A-Tier, they are still far more than capable of doing all of the tasks that are necessary for you to advance through the game.

Rock Paper Shotgun B tier


The element and path of the Trailblazer are both adaptable and as the game goes on, you will discover that you are able to acquire better alternatives for them than the Physical/Destruction kit that they begin with.


Sushang functions in a manner that is quite comparable to that of Dan Heng, who is also a member of the Hunt and holds a 4-star rating. However, what sets her apart is the possibility of an instant follow-up to her skill attack, which is upgraded to a guarantee anytime she breaks an enemy’s vulnerability. Awesome!


Asta will very definitely be the first defensive support character that could join your squad once you engage with the gacha for the first time. The starting party is beautifully rounded out by her, and she offers a good balance for free-to-play gamers who will be staying with the other three primary initial characters for a while.


Because of her ability and ultimate skills, Pela is a good all-arounder who can regularly take her foes down a peg or two. This is because both of her abilities have the power to remove the self-applied buffs that her enemies have applied to themselves while also causing Ice damage to them.

Dan Heng

The game’s opening boss killer is a character named Dan Heng. However, his standard attacks and crowd-control skills are not quite as impressive as they could be, and the other two Hunt characters in the game at debut have him beaten out as an all-arounder.


Because of their low basic numbers and sometimes uninteresting kits, the characters on this tier can be challenging to control. This is because of the situation. On the other hand, based on how you want to play the game, there is undoubtedly a place for characters of the C-Tier range in many different teams. Without further ado, let’s check out each and every one of them:



Although Hook’s primary function is to perform as a single-target damage dealer, it is still advantageous to team her up with an area-of-effect-focused damage dealer. This is because all of Hook’s strikes are single-target, of course. During the round that follows the activation of her ultimate ability, she will have access to a multi-target variant of her talent. It’s not too awful!


Herta is a poor combatant despite the fact that she exudes an excessive amount of trust in the universe. It is excellent that she is able to do area-of-effect assaults as a result of her skill and final abilities; yet, it is only her ultimate ability that is especially amazing in terms of the amount of damage it deals.


When you first meet Arlan in the tale, he is injured, and if you take him into a battle, you will quickly find out why he is hurt. Due to the fact that there are relatively few healers in the game at launch, his ability needs you to draw from his health pool in order to do damage to foes. What a fascinating topic!


It may take Qingque several turns to successfully stack her attacks, which is a limitation that prevents her from reaching her full potential.


In the event that you pull a character that is on our D-tier, you should not feel disheartened; nonetheless, you should be aware that there are excellent options that you almost probably have access to. Let’s meet them:



Serval possesses an incredible amount of charm in abundance. In addition to the fact that you are able to claim her for free at an early stage in the prologue, it does what it sets out to achieve without bringing anything particularly noteworthy to the table.


Despite the fact that Sampo’s active talents are mostly focused on inflicting ordinary and elemental damage, he is not even close to being powerful enough to warrant abandoning his nominal route and creating him as a damage-dealing soldier. It is only through passive means or after using his ultimate ability that his debuffs are applied, and even when they do appear, they are not particularly noteworthy.

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