Top Racing Games for PC

If you miss feeling a lot of adrenaline through your veins, you can go ahead and opt for one of the video games that we’ll be mentioning here! Surely, nothing is better than the real deal, meaning to actually go outside in the real world and get involved in a race, but still, gaming is known to simulate such experiences pretty well. That’s especially available if you buy yourself a gamepad steering wheel and you use it for the racing games you want.

It’s hard to pick an absolute best when it comes to racing games, but let’s go ahead and see some of the best titles from the genre, shall we? Prepare yourself and sit tight while you eventually have a coffee aside, as this is going to be one interesting article!

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa focuses on realism and accurate physics, which means that it’s a “must play.” This game proposes an exciting lineup of greatly detailed cars and tracks, as players will get to benefit from an authentic racing experience. The community didn’t hesitate to create additional content for Assetto Corsa, as the game supports modding. However, the default roster is already pretty impressive.

Project CARS 2

Project CARS 2 stands out for a broad selection of both vehicles and tracks, day-night cycles, and even dynamic weather. This game is known for having what it takes to deliver a high level of realism with accurate physics and a strong emphasis when it comes to simulation. The dynamic weather system stands out pretty well, as it can influence races, affect track conditions, and require strategic adjustments from players.

DIRT Rally 2.0:

DIRT Rally 2 is another exciting rally simulation that stands out for capturing the challenging and intense nature of off-road racing. There’s no wonder why the game has “dirt” in the title! DIRT Rally 2 stands out for realistic mechanics and demanding gameplay, while it also offers players a chance to experience the adrenaline-pumping world of rally driving.

There are lots of iconic rally cars and locations to explore in DIRT Rally 2. Do you have what it takes to jump into the game and start those fast races?

Forza Horizon 4:

Who said that you cannot have both open-world and racing elements in a single game? That’s precisely what Forza Horizon 4 proposes, along with a dynamic weather system and seasons. The game offers a wide variety of cars and events set in a fictional representation of Great Britain. The graphics in Forza Horizon 4 also stand out for their realism, and it’s enough to play a single round of the game to realize that it’s the truth. All those beautiful and fast cars in this game practically beg to be admired and used, so go ahead and give Forza Horizon 4 a try!

rFactor 2

Last but not least, let’s talk about rFactor 2, another game that deserves a place on our list, as it’s a highly regarded racing simulation game that has a strong emphasis on realism. Also, modders can also have a fun time trying to add something new to this game, as rFactor 2 supports modding as well.

There are lots of officially licensed cars and tracks in rFactor 2, which can only mean one thing: you will never get bored of playing this game!

You must always keep in mind to check the system requirements of each of the games mentioned in this article to make sure that they will work on your PC. What’s for sure is that racing games don’t necessarily have to be on the consoles to be fun, so go ahead and try those games on your laptop or desktop PC!

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