Six New FREE Games Become Available on Steam

Valve has been pretty dilligent when it comes to the notorious Steam platform, as it continues adding content to keep gamers immersed. This comes as a necessary move, considering that the storefront is no longer available for older versions of Windows. While many gamers got pissed off that they can’t use Steam on Windows 7 anymore, they might want to see the latest games that became available for free on the platform.

Free games automatically mean new opportunities of having fun and lots of hours of gameplay. You are free to download those games and keep them for as long as you like. What a great deal, right? Here’s the list of the six new games that are available on Steam at no cost, according to The Gaming Bible:


If you like RPGs that give you a perspective from which you can see the environment from above, you should definitely give some attention to BladeBound. This is a game where you can master elemental powers, battle powerful foes, and craft legendary gear. All of the action takes place in the realm of Ezura.

Mad World – Age of Darkness

If you like MMORPG games similar to the Diablo series, where the environment is far from anything that looks all peaches and cream, it means you can definitely give Mad World – Age of Darkness a try. This game was built in the classic MMORPG way, but with unique art and gruesomeness. You will have the chance to take down hordes of enemies either alone or along with your friends.


In DarkStorm, you get to fight against treacherous aliens. No, not in the style of Will Smith in the Independence Day blockbuster from 1997, but by controlling a robot called MARS, which stands for “Machine of Absolute Retaliation and Safeguard.” Razor City is your playground, where you get not only to defeat aliens but also to try to save survivors.

Dream of the Star Haven:

In Dream of the Star Haven, you get to explore islands in the sky as you will be soaring and defying gravity in great style. In this game, your main goal is to turn the dreamlike world upside-down. Simple, right?

Toribash Next

Toribash Next is a somewhat weird game for those who are into RPGs, shooters, or open-world titles. However, that doesn’t mean that the game is also necessarily boring. It’s the sequel to Toribash, a highly-praised sandbox fighting game that has been developed by Nabo Studios. However, in the sequel, even more players are fighting, and the game is loaded with weapons, battles, and tons of fun gameplay.

Summon Masters


If you prefer a lot of strategy in your gaming, it means you can definitely give Summon Masters a try. That’s because we’re talking about an online strategy card game that allows players to come up with their own decks. Plenty of strategy is needed to prevail in this game, and it’s always nice to find games that put your mind to work a bit.

Which one of the games mentioned in this article caught your attention the most and why? Feel free to tell us in the comments section and mention your own favorite games that you would like to see added to Steam! The platform remains highly popular and it’s reasonable to expect even more games that will be available for free in the near future.

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