Zombie Army 4: The Most Politically Correct Zombie Killing Game Ever?

Rebellion has released back in early 2020, one of the most addicting zombie-killing games ever. During pandemic times when there wasn’t much to do and many of us were stuck at home, the guys from Rebellion found the right opportunity to impress the world with Zombie Army 4: Dead War, an incredibly immersive game that will put the player once again in the shoes of Karl Fairburne, who will have to defeat the Nazis once again after Hitler had made a deal with the evil forces.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War has kept me busy for many hours playing it, as there are so many crazy ways to take out those undead foes! You can crack their skulls open with pistols, blast them to pieces with machine guns such as the MP44, pierce through their organs as you enjoy the famous kill-cam granted by sniper shots, burn them with a flamethrower, throw grenades at them, and a lot more. However, the player also has the chance to choose other characters instead of Karl Fairburne, who is the usual hero of the Zombie Army and Sniper Elite series. That’s where this game dives deeply into the politically correct philosophy, as there are characters from different ethnic groups available. Zombie Army 4 is probably too politically correct for a game that’s teeming with blood and gore, which is why you could say that there’s an oxymoron. Let’s dive into detail, shall we?

Karl Fairburne

If you know anything at all about the Sniper Elite or the Zombie Army series, surely you’ve heard about Karl Fairburne,  an American agent for The Office of Strategic Services (OSS), who is also an elite sniper. This guy is the main character to be selected in the game, and it couldn’t have been otherwise. Sniper Elite or Zombie Army without Karl Fairburne would be like Ash without Pikachu.


Boris is a Russian who was part of the squad that banished Hitler to Hell in the past, which means that he has a strong will to prevail and the personality of a warrior. Boris is also a guy who appreciates dark humor, which is always a plus in such a game like Zombie Army 4.


Jun, who is also known as “The Volunteer,” is an Asian woman known to have a selfless and focused attitude, which are great traits in the war. She joined the war against the Nazis on the Eastern Front when Hitler activated Plan Z.


Shola is charming and joyful, but also deadly when she needs to be, a Nigerian woman who went to a private school in England. During WWII, Shola worked at a munitions factory, and she has a very practical way of looking at certain aspects of life.


Not all zombies are evil, at least in Zombie Army 4. Hector is one of them, and being a benevolent zombie who’s willing to take down the evil zombies seems to be an advantage. Hector has been a British aviator who crashed in the Alps during the Dead War.


Josiah, also known as The Captain, is a black sailor who can also turn out to be extremely deadly against those hordes of zombies. This guy proved to be invaluable to the Resistance.


Werner, also known as The Renegade, is a German loyal to Germany, but not also to Hitler’s personality cult. Werner has proven to be very useful throughout the Afrika Korps as he was under heavy fire.


Marie is a woman who has participated as a soldier in the French resistance. The Nazis killed her family, so you can imagine what kind of rage burns inside her soul when it comes to anything the German army means.

Those are all the characters you can select in Zombie Army 4: Dead War, and this ethnical variety surely confirms that we’re talking about one of the most politically correct zombie-killing games ever.


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