What’s Next For Get Schooled Webtoon: Canceled or Renewed?

According to the Korea Herald, Naver Webtoon has announced that it has stopped publishing Get Schooled in the United States, and the English edition is currently unavailable. Due to the fact that the most recent chapter of the series contained racist words and depictions of individuals of several ethnicities, the series has been receiving a significant amount of criticism. Does this mean that the Get Schooled webtoon will no longer be produced?

The Debate That Surrounds Get Schooled 

A chapter from the most current episode of Get Schooled, Chapter 125, which takes place at a rural school in Korea, was the subject of the controversion. One character, who considers himself to be the sole “pure” Korean in his class, is subjected to bullying and is a victim of prejudice at the hands of another fellow, Lee Muk Hyun, who hails from a family that is comprised of people of many ethnicities. In a particular incident, the Korean version of the N-word is even used to refer to Lee Muk Hyun.

As a result of presenting people of color as bullies and including racist insults in the Get Schooled webtoon, writers Yongtak Chae and Garam Han have now issued an apology for the racism scandal that their chapter has caused. They said that:

[…]All we can do now is apologize and promise to do better. We’ll be spending time to learn more about past and present racial discrimination and the history of racist representations. We can and will do better.

Uncertainty remains as it comes to whether or not Get Schooled will be producing a new season in the near future. However, if we take into account the way things have been managed, it is quite unlikely that we will see it happen!

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