The Outer Worlds: Behold the Top 6 Best Builds

We all know that age-old myths that single-player games are too easy nowadays, and maybe it’s not just a myth. But regardless of how good you may be while playing online against others, the story mode can still be the bee’s knees, at least in some situations.

In the case of The Outer Worlds, an award-winning single-player RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Private Division, the player will have to explore a space colony and determine how the story will unfold. In other words, the story will be driven by the player.

Here are the best builds in The Outer Worlds:

  • Stellar Sneak Thief
  • Long Ranger
  • The Commander
  • Close Combat
  • Galactic Gunslinger
  • The Experimental

Let’s get a bit into detail about some of these builds to know them better, shall we?

Close Combat:

This build focuses on heavy weaponry as well as melee combat, and who doesn’t like to take down opponents one-on-one? The Close Combat build relies on heavy armor as well as big guns for the attack phase, while it has perks such as Cheetah and Toughness.


This one adds emphasize on leadership and companions, with skills to support allies in combat. It relies on intelligence and charm, with perks such as Don’t Go Dying On Me! to enhance companion effectiveness.

Sniper Build:

Geared towards long-range combat, prioritizing attributes such as dexterity, intelligence, and perception. It utilizes rifles and scopes when it comes to precise kills, with perks such as Confidence and Scanner.

Mad Scientist:

This build adds a focus on science weapons and experimentation, while there’s a strong emphasis on intelligence and perception. It uses unique science weapons and perks like Weird Science and Wild Science for increased damage.

If you want to buy The Outer Worlds, you can get your hands on it via Steam for 30 euros.

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