Destiny 2: How to Find Xur in 2024

Online games are a growing trend even nowadays, and Destiny 2, the title that came out in 2019 after being developed and published by Bungie, has proven that it is possible to have an immersive online game that doesn’t try to empty your bank account.

A lot of Destiny 2 fans are especially fascinated by Xur, the mysterious vendor character in the game. This fellow is used to appearing in the game world every Friday and remains there until the weekly reset takes place on Thursday. Xur is known for selling exotic weapons, armor, as well as other items in exchange for Legendary Shards, which is a special currency in the game.

Xur is in the Winding Cove (EDZ)

Long story short: if you play Destiny 2 in 2024, you need to know that Xur can be found at the Winding Cove, EDZ. The character is often described as an Agent of the Nine, meaning mysterious entities that reside in the Void and possess an inscrutable agenda that will intersect with the fate of the Destiny universe.

Xur can also usually be found in various locations across several planets and social spaces in Destiny 2. Players are usually eager for the character to arrive on Friday to see what exotic weapons, armor, and other unusual items he comes to sell.

Xur can be a key source for players who seek to acquire powerful and unique gear in order to enhance the abilities and playstyles of their characters. In other words, don’t neglect the power of Xur!

If you’re a Destiny 2 player, you need to know that the location and inventory of Xur usually change every week, which means that an element of anticipation and surprise will kick in for the fanbase.

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