Destiny 2: How to Get Essence of the Oversoul?

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At the moment, the currency that is most in demand in Destiny 2 is the Essence of the Oversoul, which is also the coolest. But why’s that?! Crota’s End Exotic weapon, the Necrochasm Exotic auto rifle, can only be obtained by fulfilling that requirement. Impressive! The question now is, how can you get some Essence of the Oversoul to boost your experience while playing the game?

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How to get Essence of the Oversoul?

When completing encounters in the Crota’s End raid, you will get the opportunity to obtain Essences of the Oversoul as a random drop. For the goal of obtaining the Necrochasm Exotic and its Catalyst, you will need to obtain the Essence of the Oversoul as part of the Bottomless Pit Quest process. The drop rates will be greatly raised across the board as a result of the rollout of Update Nice!

An excerpt of a recent statement made by Bungie reads:

[…] we are adding a chance to strike it lucky and earn all of the Essence necessary to complete both the Necrochasm quest and the catalyst when taking Crota down during a full run; […], you can now get the whole deal if fortune smiles.

Because of that, the rate at which Essences of the Oversoul are dropped will be significantly higher than it was in the past. A full clear of the raid will ensure that you receive at least one drop, every fight is going to have a chance to drop an additional item, and most importantly, a full clear may potentially reward you with all of the Essences that are required to obtain both the weapon and the catalyst at the same time. So, there will be no need for any farming method.

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