Fallout 4: How to Become a Better Player in the Game

Fallout 4 has rapidly become one of the greatest RPG games back in 2015 when it came out. That was almost a century ago, but even so, the fourth main installment of the Fallout series, which has been developed and published by Bethesda, still has an impressive number of fans even today.

Bethesda even claims that Fallout 4 is its “most ambitious game ever, and the next generation of open-world gaming.” Therefore, it was only a matter of time until players wanted to find ways of becoming better at playing the game, and here we are to gladly lend them a hand!

Understand the basics:

To become as good as possible at a specific game, you need to have full knowledge of the basic stuff. What do we mean about basic stuff? Simple: you need to familiarize yourself with the interface, controls, and mechanics of the game. It’s also a good idea to understand how to navigate menus, use the available weapons, as well as interact with NPCs to make your gameplay a lot more enjoyable. Gaming is fun enough, but when you master it, it becomes a blessing!

Choose your playstyle:

It’s also a great idea that while you prepare yourself for a new session of Fallout 4, you need to choose on a playstyle that suits your preferences and main points.

Whether you prefer combat, stealth, diplomacy,, or even a combination of approaches, you can easily tailor your character built and gameplay strategies in the best possible way.

Invest in SPECIAL attributes:

During the character creation and level-up, you should allocate your SPECIAL points wisely. You must choose attributes that complement the playstyle you want and prioritize those that will benefit you the most in exploration, combat, or dialogue interactions.

Manage your resources:

Inventory and resources in Fallout 4 can be precious assets, which means that you must always be mindful of them. To be more precise, you get plenty of interesting weapons, healing items, ammunition, and even crafting materials. In other words, learning how to scavenge efficiently is a “must” in this game, but it’s also needed to manage your inventory space, and prioritize valuable loot to make sure you have what it takes for your next adventure.

Master combat techniques

You can score the most beautiful goal as a soccer player, but guess what? It’s pretty much useless if, the rest of the time, you’re just faking the gameplay. The same simple principle applies to some video games as well, and it can certainly be the case with Fallout 4. In other words, you should clearly master the combat techniques so that you’ll be able to use them efficiently in the future and not desperately try to figure out how to activate them. From the most interesting combat techniques that are available in Fallout 4, we can mention melee combat, ranged combat, stealth, VATS, and more.

Put your knowledge to the test

Always don’t forget to experiment the best you can as you play Fallout 4 to realize if what you learn can indeed be useful. In other words, feel free to put your knowledge of the game to the test. It’s even better if you have fun while doing so!

Fallout 4 can be played on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. Which platform do YOU prefer using when you play Fallout 4? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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