Top 5 Classical Shooters That Will Never Die

You can be the best RPG player in your neighborhood, but still, nobody can deny the huge influence that shooter games have on the entire industry. Jumping on a good session of Call of Duty or Counter-Strike with your buddies after a long day at work can be very relaxing.

Furthermore, without further ado, let’s pay some homage to some of the best classical shooter games that ever existed, shall we?

Counter-Strike 1.6:

Counter-Strike 1.6 was launched way back in the year 2000, and although it may be light-years behind Counter-Strike 2 in terms of graphics and gameplay mechanics, it was the bee’s knees for its time. The internet cafes were teeming with people playing Counter-Strike 1.6, as it seemed pretty impossible to imagine the world of gaming without this legendary title. In CS 1.6, you get to jump in any of the two teams, terrorists or counter-terrorists, and your mission is to defeat the opponent team along with your teammates. You can also plant the bomb as a terrorist or diffuse the bomb as you play a counter-terrorist.


Launched in 1993, the classical DOOM was a true legend for its time, and it practically invented the first-person shooter genre. DOOM is known for fast-paced action, visceral combat, and atmospheric levels. As a player, you will have to step in the shoes of a space marine who fights against hordes of demons who came from Hell. DOOM is a very longevive game due to its intense gameplay and modding community, as numerous iterations and reboots have been made after the original game.


Half-Life was launched in 1998 after being developed by Valve, and it is still celebrated for its immersive storytelling, addicting gameplay mechanics, and more. Players will have to take charge of Gordon Freeman, a scientist who was caught in the midst of a dimensional rift caused by an experiment gone wrong. The modding community behind Half-Life is also pretty imposing, and it’s not exaggerated at all to say that we’re talking about one of the best shooters ever created.

Halo: Combat Evolved (2001):

Halo: Combat Evolved from 2001 was known for introducing players to the iconic Master Chef and the epic sci-fi universe of the Halo series. Combining vehicular combat, tight gunplay, as well as a captivating storyline, Halo redefined the FPS genre for consoles and became a flagship title for the Xbox platform. This game was known for memorable characters, engaging multiplayer modes, and enduring popularity.


The very first Quake game was launched in 1996, and it proved once again that there’s a lot more to benefit from the shooter gaming genre. We can safely say that Quake pushed the boundaries of FPS gaming with its groundbreaking 3D graphics for that time, multiplayer options, as well as fast-paced gameplay. Quake is known for dark and atmospheric levels, a diverse arsenal of weapons, as well as competitive multiplayer modes. Quake rapidly became a staple of LAN parties and online gaming communities. Quake is still an influential game for the FPS genre despite its venerable age.

Which one of the games mentioned here is your favorite and why? Which one did you like to play the most when you were a kid? Feel free to tell us in the comment section below, as we’re eager to read about stories of retro games at any moment!

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