The Super Mario Legacy: Why the Italian Plumber is a Lot More Important for the Gaming Industry Than You Think

While everybody has heard about Super Mario, not all of us are well aware of its meaning and true legacy for the video game industry. At first glance, Super Mario is just a funny Italian plumber who constantly tries to save the princess, who is always in another castle. He also has a lot to deal with Bowser, the turtle Dragon who is always willing to wreak havoc and kidnap the princess to do God knows what with the poor girl.

Super Mario is a lot more than that. The famous character created by Nintendo has captured the hearts of numerous gamers worldwide for decades. However, Mario’s significance extends far beyond just nostalgia.

Pioneering platformer

Mario made his debut over 40 years ago, in 1981, thanks to the arcade classic known as Donkey Kong. However, it was in 1985 that Super Mario truly cemented his place in the gaming industry through the video game known simply as Super Mario Bros. This title revolutionized the platformer genre by introducing imaginative-level design and tight controls. Mario was a charming protagonist that everyone loved. Super Mario Bros set the standard for numerous platformers that followed, not to mention the fact that it has rapidly become a commercial success.

Cultural icon

It’s easy to recognize a character such as Super Mario, thanks to his appearance. He is a plumber who wears a red cap and mustache. Mario has also appeared in cartoons and movies and even inspired a theme park. His cultural impact was huge, with many voices regarding him as the face of gaming itself. Mario’s popularity has even transcended generations.

Educational value

For the entertainment value, Mario games have also proved major educational benefits for those who play them. Several studies have shown that playing Mario games can improve skills such as spatial awareness, problem-solving, and coordination. We can also keep in mind that the design of Mario levels often serves as a master class when it comes to game design, teaching players important lessons in level layout and game mechanics. Mario can both entertain and educate at the same time, which is why the character is so beloved.


You don’t have to have a specific education or ethical background to play Mario games. Players of all ages are welcomed to Mario games, regardless of their backgrounds in any field. You may be a casual gamer or a hardcore one; there is definitely a Mario game for you as well. Therefore, it’s obvious that a broad audience has access to Mario games due to such accessibility.


Let’s also not forget the fact that Mario games have been through a lot of changes since 1981. There are about 200 Super Mario video games out there, each one with its own charm. At first, Super Mario video games were in two dimensions, and the gameplay was pretty simplistic. But later on, Nintendo made a lot of changes to the beloved series, introducing even 3D graphics. In that regard, Super Mario 64 was a true game changer when it first came out for the Nintendo 64 gaming console.
Throughout the decades, Mario has continually pushed the boundaries of what is possible in video games. We can definitely expect a lot more exciting Super Mario games to be released in the near future, as gaming platforms have also gone through a lot of changes, becoming light years more powerful than the first ones.

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