PES vs. FIFA: Top Reasons Why Konami’s Game Series is Better

Deciding if FIFA is better than PES or vice versa is one of the most intense debates among gamers worldwide. That’s because both of them represent highly successful football simulation game series. However, a sad aspect of life is that popularity is rarely a synonym for quality.

The very first FIFA game was released over three decades ago, in 1993, and it was known simply as FIFA International Soccer. While the beloved game series of the guys from EA SPORTS is so old, we cannot say the same about the PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) series that belongs to the Japanese firm Konami. That’s because PES was first released in 2001 under the name World Soccer: Winning Eleven 5.

What’s for sure is that both PES and FIFA have a pretty imposing history. Therefore, the ultimate question arises: is PES better than FIFA or vice versa? We believe that Konami’s series is better, and we’ll immediately explain why:

Authentic gameplay

PES players often say that their favorite football simulation game series delivers a more realistic gameplay experience compared to FIFA games. PES is known for responsive controls, fluid animations, as well as intricate player movements that mimic real football matches a lot. PES does it well through precise dribbling to tactical passing and realistic ball physics.

Players and teams look more authentic

It’s safe to say that PES also does better than FIFA when it comes to capturing the authenticity of players and teams. That’s because Konami’s game series offers accurate facial likenesses, lifelike animations, and player models that are detailed very well. PES players can boast about a vast array of licensed players and teams from around the globe when it comes to their favorite game series, as Konami’s football simulation series seems to add as much consideration to both iconic football superstars and less-known talents.

PES also adds a lot of focus to regular updates and licensing agreements to make sure that its roster remains current and reflective of transfers in the real world and developments.

Creative freedom

In PES, players have the freedom to extensively customize the gameplay as they wish. In other words, they are free to personalize their gameplay experience to suit their needs and preferences. As a player in PES, you also get the power to create custom teams and players and even design bespoke kits and stadiums. The possibilities are practically endless, as PES offers great creative freedom by enabling players to make their own football universe as they wish.

You may be the type of player who wants to design his dream team, recreate classic matches, or start a personalized career mode. In all these cases, PES is the football simulation game series for you!

Community and modding

The PES community is also very interesting, as any player can rapidly find his place in it. That’s because the community behind Konami’s football simulation game series is made of passionate fans and modders who permanently want to improve the games with mods, patches, and other content generated by users.

The PES modding community does a lot of exciting stuff, such as providing gameplay tweaks, graphical enhancements, and adding new leagues, teams, and features. The possibilities are practically endless, which is why a lot of gamers out there who love football prefer PES over FIFA!

While the rivalry between PES and FIFA fans remains fierce, Konami’s series stands out as the better choice for many gamers who love football. At the same time, it’s perfectly fine if you’re a person who loves football but doesn’t want to play any video games depicting the famous sport.

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