New Zealand Strange Sea Monster Actually Killer Whale Remains

Visitors to a New Zealand beach have been equally fascinated and repulsed by seeing a strange sea creature which has recently washed up on the shore. Some consider the 30-foot long grisly monster to be some sort of prehistoric creature.

Scientists have identified the remains of the so-called sea monster as most likely that of an orca killer whale. A marine mammal expert who recently viewed a video of what washed up on the coast says it features a flipper which is a distinct characteristic of killer whales.

Because of the deterioration of the creature’s body, the cause of death isn’t able to be determined. Orcas live together in groups known as pods, but often come under attack from fishermen, especially in Alaskan ocean waters where they both compete for food.

Often fishermen will shoot at killer whales and those who succumb to their injuries often float away until they reach the seashore thousands of miles away. Sometimes their carcasses are so discolored and decayed that they become known as Marine blobsters and frequently mistaken for unknown sea creatures.

Once tissue testing is done on these foreign blobsters by scientific research teams, they are usually traced to one or another species of whale.

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