New Study Reveals Surprising Viewing Trends

It seems like common knowledge that people turn to a wide variety of methods to relax while using the toilet, including singing and reading publications, such as books and magazines. A new study reveals that they’re also making the most of lightweight entertainment electronics.

A Motorola Mobility global study of 9,500 participants, performed in December 2012 across 17 countries, revealed that a large percentage of Britons are switching on their smart phones and tablets while using their toilets. One in five Britons surveyed turned on a smart phone and one in ten a tablet.

Many British participants watched as much as 24.3 hours of programming a week in their bathrooms. Globally, 25 percent watched in the bathroom, with 73 percent of that number enjoyed live programming and 29 percent viewed recordings. On average, global participants viewed 6 hours of film and 19 hours of television.

Bathrooms weren’t the only place where people spent a lot of time watching television. The study also revealed that participants preferred to watch programs and films in their bedrooms.

Among the study’s other revelations?

Participants were unsatisfied with their handheld devices. They wanted more storage and viewing control.

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