Minecraft Update: Get Ready for Fight, New Evil Pillagers, Pandas and Cats

We’ve all heard of Minecraft, the game that was launched about seven years ago, and that had 144 million copies sold. This game still claims its position, with no signs of slowing down at all when it comes to both development and sales. It happened at Minecon Earth 2018 event when Mojang announced the new update for the game. The update comes for the game’s Overworld, with old and new villagers.

This new update is called Village and Pillage, and it gives us (obviously) Pillagers, which is a not-so-friendly group of characters that have dangerous Beasts to fight you. You, as a player, will be able to defend the villages from the Pillager attacks.

There are 11 new villagers

This update also comes with 11 new villagers for the world of Minecraft, with new professions: fisher, armorer, butcher, cleric cartographer, librarian, leatherworker, shepherd, farmer, fletcher, toolsmith, and weaponsmith. Every one of this Villagers has a unique design that really depends on which biome they’re found in, as said by Jens Bergensten, which is the lead developer from the Mojang studio.

The pillage update shows that the village will be under attack from a new group of villagers, which are evil villagers. They come in groups of pillagers, and they also have a new monster – something like a new mini-boss, their boss. The update is set to come next year.

Besides the Pillage and Village update, Mojang also comes with its contribution to Minecraft, and that is two adorable little things: pandas and cats. These new animals will be released soon. They will come to the game with bamboo forests, and you’ll be able to harvest bamboo and then create scaffolding with it.

Also, Mojang announced a new game: Minecraft: Dungeons, which is going to come to PC in 2019.

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