Google Maps – Here’s What You Might Have Missed

This month came with a lot of updates for Google Maps which provided some new and useful features. The app in question came as a solution for better navigation and right now it is incredibly popular. These past few weeks contributed to its popularity, as Google Maps received substantial improvements which will come to your help.

Share your location

One of the recent updates had Google Maps becoming able of sharing your real-time location and estimated time of arrival easier than ever. The app received an addition consisting of a “share tip progress” prompt that will let others know where you are and when you will arrive at your destination.

It will use third-party apps

Google explained the functionality of the location sharing feature, that also stated its capability of working with third-party apps, like Facebook or WhatsApp. In a blog post, the company reported that “today’s update also allows for sharing across 3rd party apps like Facebook Messenger, Line, WhatsApp, and more—so you can communicate with friends on the platforms you prefer.”

Google Maps shows charging station locations
Those that use electric cars will love this new feature. Google Maps now shows where you can find electronic vehicle charging stations, so now you can find some ‘juice’ quicker. Typing ‘ev charging’ or ‘ev charging stations’ in Google Maps’ search bar will suffice to find out where these stations are.

It helps commuters too

Last but not least, Google Maps introduced this month a revamped commuting tab which will display real-time notifications about the potential route or public transport delays. Then, 80 regions from all around the world received the exact location for trains and buses, which will surely help more people travel easier.

Google said that “sprinting to the subway station only to find that your train is delayed is our least favorite way to start the day,” and we couldn’t agree more.

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