Clash of Clans October Update Delayed

UPDATE: Game goes LIVE today! Check out the new Patch Notes released on 23 Oct. HERE and HERE!

Everyone is waiting for the latest update Supercell has prepared for Clash of Clans players. And it’s obvious why – the October update comes with the Clan War Leagues, awesome rewards and a lot of new content and items, such as the exclusive rewards: the Magic Hammers!

But before we mention a little about the content you should expect to see, let’s check out the latest Tweets from the Clash of Clans account.

Update Delayed – Running Tests

On 21 October, Clash of Clans website released a blog post and some Twitter posts on some balancing tweaks that will come with this major update, stating that the day of the update will be Monday, 22 October. However, just an hour ago, Clash of Clans added a new post bearing some bad news:

Unfortunately, players will not be able to enjoy the new content today, as it needs a few more tweaks, says the post. But we are sure that this delay will also come with a more stable version than what they were about to launch today. We hope that Clash of Clans October will go live tomorrow – come on, how many tests can you run to make sure the game works?

Another Twitter post three hours before the news of the delay showed that there are two events live and we’ll take the opportunity to use them until Supercell fixes and polishes the incoming update.

Clash of Clans October Update

As we have mentioned in the beginning, you’ll see some Magic Hammers as rewards in the Clan War Leagues. It’s a very big update, which is why it calls for so much tweaking, but once it’s ready to go live, it will come with Clan War Leagues. Supercell described this feature as being an epic 15 vs. 15 war:

“Your Clan will be grouped with seven other Clans into a League. During the course of the League week, you will wage a 15 vs 15 War against each of those Clans. At the end of the week, the Clans with the highest number of Stars will be promoted to the next highest League tier, while the bottom performing Clans will drop down to a lower tier.”

The Magic Hammers and other rewards will also be amazing. For example, the Magic Hammers will let you instantly upgrade Troops, Buildings, Spells and Heroes!

You’ll also be able to purchase Statues for the village. We wonder what their role will be, and cannot wait to find out once the update is live.

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