Top Games Like Clash of Clans For PC

Supercell’s Clash of Clans is very popular around the world for having the perfect combination of fantasy, strategy, and competition, but you can only play it on Android and iOS. You’re the village leader and build your town, but you must get resources, so that means attacking other players. There’s also the co-op features, where you join clans, and you can back up one another with troops, resources and more. Now, with the recent October update, Supercell has added Clan War Leagues as a competitive ladder with exclusive rewards and content.

But what about a Clash of Clans games for PC? We also have alternatives for Android, but if you’d like to experience similar gameplay on a PC, try these three top games similar to Clash of Clans. We’re talking about Forges of Empires, Vikings: War of Clans, and Elvenar.

Forges of Empires

InnoGames are the developers of both Forges of Empires and Elvenar, which are both games you can play on your iOS, Android and PC. The PC version comes as a browser game, so you do not even need to download or install the games.

Forges of Empires will have you build your empire. You will start with the Stone Age and progress through major eras until you reach the Oceanic Future.

The interesting addition to the game compared to Clash of Clans is that there is a research tree that makes the game similar to Civilization or Rome: Total War.


Elvenar is a city building game with an elven twist – that means you can choose to play either as a human or an elf. You’ll have to upgrade the village and make it into a kingdom. As an elf, you have a different skill than a human – magic for when you’re building, but the humans have an advantage when using medieval weaponry.

If you’re more into building than fighting, then Elvenar is the game for you, but you will need to have a strong army and defense in case you’re attacked.

Vikings: War of Clans

The Viking themed game is fun to play, and it’s more focused on cooperation and strong clans, just like in the Vikings TV series. Players must follow a certain set of rules according to what clan they join, and other than that, it’s still an empire-building game with the discovery of new places, gathering resources and defeating kingdoms to get more territory and resources.

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