GTA 6 Release Date Leaks, Timeline and Map

GTA is one of the most iconic series in the gaming world and most gamers have tried of the several games at least once.

GTA V received incredibly positive reviews and the game managed to sell millions of copies around the world. Five years have passed since the last release and fans are patiently waiting for the next iteration to be announced. Read below to learn what we know about GTA 6.

Release date

Since Red Dead redemption 2 was just released and GTA Online is still generating interest (and money) it’s safe to say that GTA 6 won’t arrive soon. Rockstar has remained mostly silent on the topic. The company recently stated that the current political climate isn’t favorable for a new GTA release and fans rushed to debate how the statement will affect future games in the series.

Timeline and map

Most players believe that Vice City will be the next location where the game takes place, along with a 1980’s timeline that could focus on what made the decade wild. The original Vice City took place back in the 80’s and a retro setup would allow Rockstar to avoid the involvement of modern controversies in the game.

The map should be bigger, with even more activities to do and collectibles to find as ‘‘bigger is better’’ seems to be the new motto among game studios and publishers.

The first female protagonists

As the three-protagonist recipe proved successful, Rockstar may opt to use it again for GTA 6. Some speculate that they might add a female protagonist. One of the co-founders stated during an interview that a female protagonist will be added when Rockstar will be find a way to integrate her into the game naturally instead of being their just to fill space.

A living world

RDR2 raised the bar for open world games and it took eight years of development before it was released. GTA 6 is likely to follow in its steps and raise the bar again as it pushes for immersive gameplay and a unique experience.

The long wait

The most optimistic sources claim that the game will be released after 2020 but until Rockstar officially announces the game we can only speculate.

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