WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.337 beta Allows You To Swipe Right To Reply

WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging app which is available on Android and other smartphones. It will allow you to use the internet connection on your phone (what you have available: Wi-Fi, EDGE, 4G, 3G and even 2G) in order to call and message your family and friends.


WhatsApp Messenger provides an easier transition from costly SMS to internet communication. Receiving and sending calls, messages, photos, videos, documents or voice messages will be easier than ever to perform.

Reasons why to use it

First of all, WhatsApp doesn’t ask you for any money. Since it uses your phone’s internet connection, this app will allow you to call and message your most loved ones without having to pay for any message or call. This means that WhatsApp doesn’t come with any form of subscription fee.


Even if your family or friends are currently in a different country, WhatsApp will still charge you zero cents for reaching them. It makes more sense to use your internet connection from your phone instead of the voice minutes from your cellular plan.

Send all kinds of multimedia files from documents and photos to voice messages and videos. You can even chat with your group of friends at the same time, allowing you to stay in touch easier and quicker than ever.

WhatsApp Web

If you find yourself in the impossibility of using your phone as you are stuck at your PC, you can use the WhatsApp Web feature which will grant you access to the app’s main features even on your computer.

No passcodes

Using WhatsApp means losing track of passwords and pins and not caring about it at all. Since this app works with phone numbers, it will show you whoever is in your phone’s contact list.

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