Pokémon GO Egg Hatching Strategy – Best Ways To Speed It Up

No one likes waiting, so it is always better when we can speed up a process. The same thing goes for egg hatching in Pokémon GO. The Adventure Sync update brought a much-needed change. It is now possible to hatch your eggs just by keeping your phone in your pocket while you go about your day. This means that your phone battery will be preserved while hatching eggs.

Speed things up even more

There are some limits when it comes to speed. Pokémon GO does not allow you to go faster than 10kmh. That is because otherwise people could just travel in a car in order to hatch their eggs. However, it appears that there is a loophole for this system.

All you have to do is cycle at a speed that is just below 10 kmh. The game will consider this running or jogging, and it will be taken into account. You just need to travel just below the speed limit. This can work if you are riding your bike in the park for example.

The Adventure Sync update

The Adventure Sync update was an important one for Pokémon GO. Until now player had to keep a Pokémon GO plus tracker or they had to keep their game active at all times so that the app could be able to travel the distance walked by them.

However, the Adventure Sync update finally changed that. This means that your Pokémon Go app does not have to be active, and your steps will be logged anyway. Therefore, it will be a lot easier for trainers to hatch their eggs, especially when it comes to those 10km eggs. You can keep the game idle or even close it, and it will continue to work.

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