Clash of Clans: Users Cannot Add War Notes – What Should You Do?

Many people have complained that they cannot add war notes during prep day on Android. They keep asking themselves if there’s going to be an update available soon to fix this issue. They still don’t know if the team behind – or even some other users – know about this problem.

There are some users that said that it was supposed to be available already for normal war, and not cwl, because in the cwl you cannot see your opponent.

Some people started to try to find solutions, and one of them was the well-known uninstalling and re-installing the app. It’s curious that some people can make the most out of this feature, while others are still looking for answers.

There were only few amounts of reports, so people started to think if their device or connection end was the problem. A supposed optional update happened a few days ago, so it might be possible that the download was not finished correctly.

Use troubleshooting tips

The only piece of advice for those in trouble is to try to solve the issue through the troubleshooting tips and tricks. You can try to force quit the app, and then remove it from the background – do not let it run in the background. You might want to reboot your device and you should also keep in mind that you need to strong Wi-Fi network for the app to work – sometimes, the data connection is not enough, as it is not stable at all times.

Some of the users with this problem stated that they tried to delete and re-install the app, but it did not work. Users are asked to keep in mind that only those who participate in war can add notes. Those who are only there to visit can only see the written notes.

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