The Apple Watch 5 Series: Here Is What We Know So Far

Smartwatches have become another essential gadget for technology lovers. When it comes to smartwatches, the Apple Watch devices have proved to be some of the most reliable ones. The Apple Watch series 4 was recently released, but this does not mean that we can’t speculate about what comes next.

We already have a couple of clues about what the Apple Watch series 5 will bring. Let’s take a look.

Enhanced health functions

We already know that the Apple Watch is supposed to work as an “intelligent guardian for your health”, and we are expecting advanced health functions in the future. According to Apple, the upcoming watches will have an ECG function which will be available with the help of an ECG application.

This would be a major improvement for Apple Watches, and for smartwatches in general. The ECG function is supposed to work after you place a finger on its crown.


If we take a look at the first three Apple Watches, we can see that there were no major design changes. However, things changed with the series 4 watch. Therefore, it is likely that we will receive some changes for the upcoming devices as well, although they might be minor ones. We can expect some improvements when it comes to back body of the smartwatch or the bezel.

Release date

By analysing the previous release dates, it becomes quite clear that the Apple Watch series 5 will be released at some point in September 2019. Since we received a new smartwatch every year, a 2019 release is certain.


It is expected to receive an upgrade OS 6 version for the Apple Watch series. This means that we would get a new interface and brand new features.

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