GBWhatsApp Has Some Very Useful Features

WhatsApp became the most popular instant messaging app thanks to its simplicity, user-friendly interface, and features. But, for some people, the original WhatsApp functions are not enough, for several reasons. For them, GBWhatsApp, the modded version of the renowned instant messaging app, comes with some very useful features that we cannot find in the original application.

Message Scheduler in GBWhatsApp

A convenient feature for many users, the message scheduler in GBWhatsApp allows you to send messages to your contacts at the exact time. For example, if your friend celebrates his/her birthday in just a couple of days, you can set GBWhatsApp to send a “Happy birthday!” message right on time.

Do Not Disturb

This DND feature has originally emerged on GBWhatsApp, before being considered by WhatsApp. However, the Do Not Disturb function in GBWhatsApp permits users to shut down notifications on new messages.

So, next time you watch a movie or play a game on your mobile, activate this DND feature to do whatever you’re doing undisturbed.

File Sharing in GBWhatsApp

WhatsApp’s file sharing is already widely used and accepts many types of files, including videos, images, documents, and many more. However, it has some limitations which make file sharing in WhatsApp annoying.

On the other hand, file sharing in GBWhatsApp allows users to send all types of files out there, with no limitations.

Hiding Chats

This very cool feature in GBWhatsApp, the hiding chats function permits users to “lock” specific chat conversations so that they won’t anymore appear in the main chat window or notifications bar when you receive messages from those hidden contacts.

Instead of receiving the message in the notifications bar, you’ll only get “you have a new message in WhatsApp!”


One of the most popular functions in GBWhatsApp, the Anti-Revoke feature allows you to re-read deleted or recalled messages as long as this function was already activated when the messages were sent.

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