WA Tweaker for WhatsApp 1.1.9 Will Let You Enable WhatsApp’s Hidden Features

Have you ever wondered if you are using WhatsApp at its full capabilities? We hate to break it to you, but you haven’t. Luckily this WA Tweaker is here to help you prevent further swims in the unknown.

Enable All Hidden Features

What is truly great about WA Tweaker version 1.1.9 is that it will allow you to have access to the latest features of WhatsApp and, best of all, you will be capable of this before regular users of WhatsApp even get a chance to do the same.

You just have to open the app and choose which hidden features you want to make available and then you will have to restart WhatsApp. Really, it is THAT easy and fast.

Increase your privacy on WhatsApp

This WA Tweaker will allow you multiple ways of keeping your privacy. For example, it will let you freeze the last seen and disable the read receipts. Then, you can also disable the delivery reports and even the typing indicator in order to take everyone by surprise.

The recording indicator can become quite annoying, especially when you have a lot of recorded messages to deliver, so you can disable it as well. You can also select the anti recall of the messages and last but not least, you can lock WhatsApp with a code to keep your information as safe as possible.

More settings to go through

The WA Tweaker will allow you to disable big emojis and prevent them from taking up too much of your screen. You can save whichever contact Status you wish and increase the quality of your own. If you feel like your description doesn’t say enough about you, then you can increase its capacity to allow you to really express yourself.


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