Sim Not Provisioned MM2: How to Fix It

We’ve encountered a problem recently: the Sime not provisioned mm# two is more frequently met among those people who buy a phone with a new sim card, or for those who try to transfer their number to a new sim card. This error will be shown on your smartphone with only one option: emergency calls – this means that you won’t be able to call anyone but 911. But you will be able to use the other features of your phone without any kind of problem.

There’s a reason why this is happening, and that is that the sim is not activated or because it’s been suspended from the service provider – or simply it isn’t picked up by the smartphone. When you buy a new sim card, and you see this error, you have to activate your sim. If your sim was just fine and then it started to give this error, then this can only mean two things: the sim card is too old, so it becomes inactive, or it was deactivated from the service provider because you asked to transfer your number to a whole new sim.

Contact the service provider

He is the one that can activate or deactivate the sim card. This is a very good solution, as he can help you solve it. He will give you a new sim card or will activate it.

Connect the sim card

It’s possible that the issue does not come from the provider, but from the phone and the sim card. The error can appear if the sim is not connected properly. even if you did not touch it, there’s still a slight chance that it moved, so you need to make sure it’s properly inserted.

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