iPhone 11 Might Come Out With Larger Display, Next-Gen Processor, and Without Buttons And Ports

Following its tradition, Apple would release three new iPhone 2019 models next year. One of them, which could be named iPhone 11 might come out with a larger display, next-gen Apple processor, and without buttons and ports. However, all of these are just rumors so that everything could change eventually.

This year, Apple released its iPhone 2018 models, iPhone XS and XS Max as its top-range devices for this year, both boasting OLED displays, and iPhone XR, the most affordable model released by Apple with an LCD screen.

A Larger Display For iPhone 11

According to some rumors, iPhone 11 would boast a more massive screen for its top-range handset of the iPhone 2019 models. However, other sources reported that Apple would keep the same display characteristics we can already witness in iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

Since the LCD technology is closing to the end of its days, we could also have an iPhone XR successor with OLED technology, most probably.

iPhone 11 Might Pack The Next-Gen Apple Processor, A13

As iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR models boast an A12 SoC, iPhone 2019 models would pack the next-gen Apple processor, A13, which would be built by TSMC with the 7-nm technology.

iPhone 11 Might Come Out With USB-C or Without Buttons and Ports

There’s no secret that Apple dreams of a smooth iPhone without buttons and ports, and, slowly but steadily, the Cupertino-based tech giant is taking steps in that direction. In this regard, MacRumors believes that iPhone 11 might finally ditch the Lightning and adopt USB-C.

Also, as some rumors indicated, Apple might come up with an iPhone without buttons and ports but with wireless charging, file transfer, and accessories. The technology for all that already exists, but it’s not likely that Apple would implement such significant changes in its iPhone 2019 models.

iPhone 11 Release Date

We have no official information on the iPhone 11 release date but judging on the presentation dates for all the Apple devices since iPhone 5, the iPhone 2019 models could come out in September 2019, most likely on a Tuesday or Wednesday between September 7th and September 13th.

Next year, September 10th would most likely be the iPhone 11 release date.

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