Fortnite: Creative To Be The New Mode In The Famous Battle Royale Title

After announcing the upcoming arrival of its online video game store, Epic Games unveils the new concept of Fortnite: Creative, a new game mode in the famous Battle Royale title. This game mode would allow players to build and develop their own island for epic Fortnite battles.

Fortnite remained the most popular and appreciated Battle Royale title in the world, despite the efforts put by PUBG to dethrone it.

Epic Games Presented The New Fornite: Creative Game Mode That Allows Players To Build Their Own Maps

This new creative mode, strongly reminiscent of the famous Minecraft game, permits players to develop their own battle map. Each player will be able to customize four different islands on which he can build all kinds of buildings, choose elements of scenery and equipment as he wishes.

Players will be able to invite up to 16 friends and launch a game of Fortnite: Battle Royale on the island by customizing all settings again. According to the video on Fortnite: Creative released by Epic Games today (watch it at the bottom of this page), gamers would be able to configure everything, including game modes, game time, type of the game, appearance of the map and characters, and so on so that they can come up with their own Fortnite game modes.

Fortnite: Creative Would Come Out On December 13th For Every Fortnite Gamer Out There

The modifications made to the island will be saved on the servers, and the player will be able to find his/her personal creation every time, precisely as he/she has left it.

Fortnite: Creative will be available for early access by purchasing a Battle Pass starting with December 6th this year. Epic Game would eventually roll out the new game mode for everyone on December 13th. Epic Games ensures that the new Fortnite game mode would also come along with many features and improvements.

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