Apple to launch iPhones with In-Display Biometric Sensors in 2019

Apple has always been a company which cares about customers’ feedback. A series of negative reports prove that owners who bought the latest versions of iPhone XR, XS and XS Max are disappointed about their devices’ features.

Even if the handsets have top-notch specs and combine powerful operating systems with competitive characteristics, buyers think that the devices are not as cool as they initially thought. In fact, a new strategy is necessary if Apple wants to regain its lost customers. They already tried cutting prices, but it didn’t work.

Considering the tendency from the mobile world, Apple developers came up with a plan that can put the company’s sales back on track. They are prepared to resuscitate the customers’ interest by re-introducing one of the buyers’ favourite specs – biometric sensors. They are thinking about adding it a touch of modernism too.

In 2019, the new iPhones might come with in-display fingerprint reader and Face ID

According to Patently Apple, a trustworthy source, the iPhones released in 2019 will be a combination of traditional style reinvented with modern technique. This means that Apple will bring its highly appreciated fingerprint reader back, making fans very happy.

But wait! We have more good news. It looks like the biometric sensor will be the in-display type and will be accompanied by Face ID technology. As we speak, developers are looking for the best supplier which can provide them a high-end biometric sensor. They can choose companies like General Interface Solution, O-film or TPK Holding.

So far, we don’t know much about the iPhones which will appear in 2019, but we can be sure that the handsets will be very appreciated as soon as they appear. There are only a few weeks left until the end of 2018, so the wait is not that long. We’ll update the information every time we learn more.

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