Showbox For iOS – How To Download And Install

Are you a movies fan and want to watch all your favorite movies an TV shows for free? Then Showbox is the best app to do so. While Showbox has been designed as a native app for Android, there is a way to run a Showbox for iOS app that you can download and use for free.

Showbox – Is It Legal Or Not?

In its essence, Showbox is an Android-based app, but it is also available on iOS to offer Apple users with a whole bunch of multimedia features such as TV series, movies, music, and a lot more. Essentially, Showbox is not compatible with iPhone and iPad devices, but there’s an easy way to make it work on iOS.

In short, Showbox is allowing users to access paid video content, be it TV series or movies, without spending a dime, so it is, to some extent, an app that is giving access to pirated content. Accordingly, it is not a legal application for Android and iOS, so you have to use t on your own risk.

Showbox For iOS – How To Download And Install

Unlike the Android operating system for mobiles, iOS is not as open-source as Google’s OS is, so it is not supporting applications such as Showbox. However, there is a method to download and install Showbox for iOS.

First, you’ll not find Showbox by simply searching on the App Store or the Internet, but there is a straightforward way to install Showbox for iOS.

To achieve that, you must install Vshare for iOS to allow you install Showbox:

  • Download and install the vShare PC client onto your PC;
  • Connect your iPhone to your PC and open vShare;
  • Allow the vShare app to install onto your iPhone;
  • Open vShare on your iPhone and look for the Movie Box app;
  • Navigate to Settings, General, Profile & Device Management;
  • Select Trust the developer;
  • Open Movie Box and browse for content;
  • Tap content to stream;

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