Windows 95 Mobile Version Existed, A New Video Revealed

After all the history we knew about Windows, of how it was born, grew and died, later, it would be relevant to know if there was an older version of Windows Phone, at least something that would indicate that in the development labs of Microsoft, the leading team of Operating Systems incubated a mobile version of its operating system prior to the renowned Windows OS for mobile phones. Well, yes, although it seems too much, there was a Windows 95 variant for mobiles.

Thanks to a CNET report, debating a YouTube ad, now we know that Microsoft worked on a Windows 95 Mobile variant. That information was confirmed by the Corporate Ex-Vice President of the Windows Operating Systems Group during the development of Windows 7 and Windows 8, Steve Sinofsky, through his Twitter account.

While it is true that Sinofsky clarifies that the product would have never come to light, that Windows 95 Mobile version existed.

Windows 95 Mobile Version Existed, A New Video Revealed

The Youtube channel’s advertising video was based on some images presenting the Windows 95 Mobile version, something that is a little puzzling. In fact, the video has been published for about five months.

Well, actually, the version of the images Sinofsky belonged to a version explicitly developed so that it could run on ARM architectures, and it was a later branch of Windows 7, before Windows 8.

In the video, we can see the classic Windows 95 icons like “Internet Mail,” “Internet News,” “Audio Player,” and simply “Internet.” The video also shows an old version of Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer, with the browser dropping an annoying and unexpected error message. As if that weren’t enough, Clippy acts as Cortana and a non-existent Windows 95 Microsoft Store. Even the subject of a reasonably classic interface in the main menu of the supposed mobile operating system becomes curious.

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