SHAREit To Get A New Update for Android

We have all heard of  SHAREit – you know, that app that gives its users a transferring speed that’s faster than NFC and even Bluetooth. The best part is that it’s secure (even if we’re looking at the type of connection it uses to transfer files). Before this, we only had Bluetooth or USB drivers.

When it came to Bluetooth, the speed was actually not that good. When it came to the USB drive case, we have seen a negative side, the thing that leads to getting malicious data with the fast transferred from one device to another, which meant that the other device was going to get hurt, too. By looking at these two, we cannot be anything but glad that we have SHAREit.

SHAREIT is going to get a new update. The latest one will come to Android as the SHAREIT version 4.5.98_ww. This comes with new improvements that will top all of the other updates in no time. We’re talking about the improved compatibility for transmission of media or data by using different devices. We’ve also heard about optimizations for video playback.

What does the changelog show?

The changelog showed that the update would Optimize the playback experience and finally support gestures like rewind and fast forward. It’s also shown that it will improve the Improve transmission compatibility.

SHAREit has some other features, like offering digital entertainment like GIFs, music, film, videos, even memes, and all of this within the app by collaborating with different partners – Times Music is one of them.

This app has 1.5 billion users around the globe, and it is on the top 10 most downloaded apps on the Google Play services – and this for the past ten years, making it practically brothers with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Line.

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