SHAREit Vs. Files Go: Which One Should You Choose

It’s no secret that many of the Android devices don’t have a good file sharing app. Many devices come with their own app.

SHAREit has become to be the most popular file sharing app on the market right now, for all the Android devices. However, last year, Google released a tool that lets you check the storage, view the files and shared them – it is called Files Go, and we’ve decided to make a comparison between these two to see which one is better.


SHAREit is quite different: when you open the app, you are greeted by two buttons that are placed at the top of the screen – send and receive. Below these two buttons, you will find a feed full of videos and images. It’s true, this feed can be personalized in settings, but it’s not useful in comparison to all the other features.

When it comes to the Files Go app, the layout is clean. On the home screen, on the Clear tab, you will find the files that can be removed from your device. Swiping any kind of card will delete it from your home screen. In the files tab, you’ll get different folders and also the file transfer feature.

What are the supported files?

Both of the apps share all kinds of files. You are able to send PDFs, images, videos, even app. However, you need to keep in mind that SHAREit also has this feature that lets you share folders, and Files Go does not support it yet.

Are they cross-platform?

SHAREit is available for multiple platforms. You can use this app to send files to iOS, Windows, Android, and Mac. Files Go does not have this feature, and can only send files to Android.

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