Showbox v5.23 For Android Is Available For Download

Showbox is the most popular and appreciated movie and TV streaming app for Android. Now, Showbox v5.23 for Android is available for download, and it comes with bug fixes and other under the hood changes to improve stability and performance.

Is Showbox App For Android Legal?

Showbox is granting access to dozens of movies and TV series. However, the app is not giving access to licensed content, so it is allowing users to watch pirated content.

Accordingly, in virtually any country in the world, accessing pirated content is not legal and is subject to copyright infringement lawsuits in many states on Earth. So, Showbox app for Android is not legitimate, and that’s why you’ll not going to find it on the Google Play Store.

Also, it is such a controversial app that even those renowned APK repositories on the Internet, such APKMirror, don’t list it.

How To Use Showbox App?

Since it is illegal to watch pirated content via Showbox, it’s not wise to use the app without hiding your IP address using reliable VPN solutions. And that just to keep yourself safe from the curious eyes of the authorities.

However, hiding the IP address for such purposes is also illegal, so you’re finding yourself inside a vicious circle. The solution would be to rely on legitimate applications that are offering you access to licensed content. One of the best such apps is Sony Crackle which permits users to watch for free dozens of movies and TV series from Sony Pictures.

Showbox v5.23 For Android Is Available For Download

Now, Showbox v5.23 is available for Android and is coming out with few changes and improvements. While the new version is not bringing any visible enhancements, under the hood, Showbox v5.23 launched with stability and performance improvements to boost the user experience with the app.

Apparently, the new version is also addressing the issues that caused the crashes reported recently by many users.

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