FMWhatsApp Vs. GBWhatsApp – The Battle Between The Best WhatsApp Modes

Thanks to technology advancements, we are slowly but steadily replacing standard SMS and call apps with modern means of communications, such as instant messengers. While WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app, some users would like more features. Thanks to the best WhatsApp modes, namely, FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp, we can now use enhanced versions of WhatsApp with more functions and features.

WhatsApp is the most popular and appreciated instant messaging app summing up more than one billion downloads on Android and iOS. However, even though the devs are frequently updating WhatsApp, the WhatsApp instant messaging app lacks some features that some users would love to have.

Luckily, there are a couple of best WhatsApp modes out there, which are both secure and better than the original WhatsApp application. As you’ve figured out already, we’re talking about FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp, the best WhatsApp modes for Android.

FMWhatsApp Vs. GBWhatsApp – The Battle Between The Best WhatsApp Modes

Both FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp are great WhatsApp modes. However, they are different as regarding features. While GBWhatsApp is more advanced and boasts some exciting features, FMWhatsApp is more practical and secure, coming with extra privacy features.

Both these apps allow users to write statuses of up to 250 characters, run two WhatsApp accounts on the same device, send and receive 50MB files and 1GB videos. Also, both FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp permit users to lock specific chats with passwords to keep those conversations private.

On the other hand, FMWhatsApp is more customizable than GBWhatsApp, while GBWhatsApp looks more similar to the original WhatsApp application. Also, FMWhatsApp allows users to navigate chats in invisible mode.

However, none of these apps are available on Google Play Store, so you’ll have to rely on APK sites to download and install FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp and enjoy the best WhatsApp modes for Android.

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