Google Earth A New Version Is Available

Google Earth allows you to explore the entire world from the comfort of your own home. In the last years the popularity of Google Earth has diminished, as Google Maps became a more common tool. However, this does not mean that Google Earth has been forgotten. In fact, Google Earth comes with many useful features, especially for businesses.

Right now, the latest version available for Google Earth is If you have this program installed, you should make sure that you update it to the latest version. Each update comes with improvements and bug fixes, so each update is important.

Version did not bring just minor improvements. The update came with a new Voyager section, which allows you to travel on “guided trips”. This means that you will be able to visit numerous locations, and you will receive background information for each one. You can also explore each site with the help of 360º photos. When this version was released, more than 50 trips were available, and this number will grow gradually. Voyager offers guided tours from National Geographic, NASA, BBC Earth and others.

Google Earth

The initial release of Google Earth took place 17 years ago, but it managed to evolve in time. This program allows you to virtually explore the world in a special way. Google Earth uses 3D graphics technology, and it combines virtual representations with aerial images. You control everything when you use Google Earth, from the angle of the camera to how much you want to zoom.

Another advantage for Google Earth is the fact that it is connected with the infrastructure of Google Maps, which means that you can combine information. For example, you can see points of interest, roads and others.

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